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Tkoblogextreme Interviews: ‘Miss Gawjuss’ an upcoming Model from Ottawa

It was just about a month ago that we discovered Miss Gawjuss and Upcoming Model from Ottawa, CA. We couldn’t help but ask for this opportunity to talk and discover what her main ambition and drive was. Tkoblogextreme was very fortunate to sit down with Miss Gawjuss for this brief question and answer session. Read the rest of this entry


Tkoblog Exclusive: ONE on ONE Interview: w/ Sunny Norway

INTRO:  Just recently, Tkoblogextreme got in contact with Sunny Norway the Upcoming Producer from Chicago who resides in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. We couldn’t help but make use of this opportunity to talk with Sunny for this brief question and answer Interview session.

  • Tkoblogextreme:  Sup, Thank you for joining us today for this Q&A interview. Can you tell the viewers about yourself, where you are from, your educational background etc?
  • Sunny Norway: Im Sunny Norway. From chicago, iLLinoizee (Illinois). Sunny norway stands for staying visible thru out the darkness. Norway is the midnight sun which means you can still see the sun there at 12am. I would have put Sunny Chicago as my name but its rather corny and cliche. So I used norway because its north like my city, cold like my city, and cold like my beats you feel me? I graduated high school and did a yr in college at an art school called columbia of chicago.

  • Tkoblogextreme: How long have you been producing for, and when did you realize you were on getting realized for your work..?
  • Sunny Norway: I been producing for like 6 yrs now. I actually started off doing house music and juke music which is a fast pace music at about a tempo of 160 that Chicago ppl “footwork to”. But way before that I was in marching, symphonic, and concert band from 6th grade to my junior yr in high school playing percussion. I actually never put out anything like that. I’m a super perfectionist, and I know my music wasn’t ready so I didn’t just throw out stuff i’d soon regret. I just started getting recognized from the stuff i’ve done with rapper Phil Ade and also The GTW out of Chicago.

  • Tkoblogextreme: What was the key inspiration to start producing, and who inspires you the most either producer or just an artist?
  • Sunny Norway: MMmmmm my key inspiration is all in the vinyl. I sit around the crib and listen to records all day. I’m inspired by musicians like roy ayres, mike oldfield, and leroy hutson. Producer wise I like rza, eazy mo bee, dilla, RJD2, The Neptunes, No I.D. Really anyone who makes good feeling music.
  • Tkoblogextreme: Have there been any ups and down since you have been producing, if so can you give a message on how to remain positive on that?
  • Sunny Norway: Of course you know the whole parent thing with school. I had faith in my music so I jumped out on a limb and said fuck school it takes away from your creativity. No one can teach you how to make music. I was in school learning shit I already knew. Shit was super ass backwards yo. And plus they want you to know things word by word. Whats an echo, compressor, limiter. Fuck that! as long as I know how to use it, it shouldn’t be a problem. Feel me?
  • TkoblogextremeWhere do you see yourself 10 years from now as a producer?
  • Sunny Norway: 10 yrs from now I see myself in a really big castle maybe (house) lol and alot of kids and alot of classics. Also producing for the greatest pop, soul, alt, and hip hop artists.
  • Tkoblogextreme: Lastly, if you had one word to describe yourself what would that be?
  • Sunny Norway: Swagg (lol)
Thank you for this short session with TkoBlogxtreme, more works and work together would be done on a bigger scale, for we plan on keeping our followers and subscribers’ updated on your work and moves that deals with music. Follow Sunny @Sunny_Norway on twitter..

Be Safe,

Tkoblogxtreme Interviews: BAD HABITS…

Earlier today Tkoblogextreme got a rare chance to have BadHabits&Co featured on the Blog. Here we have Chief Bosompra the CEO and founder of Badhabits which i’ve known for quite some time now, seems really ambitious and i just wanted to have this opportunity to find out more about the clothing brand and what it has to offer.

  • Tkoblogextreme – Thank you for giving us a chance to Interview you, and we are most definitely glad to have you here today. Can i call you City or Chief by the way?
  • Chief –  Ha ha…City Spielberg is actually a funny nickname I got when I was in high school but I go by Chief .B
  • Tkoblogextreme –  Alright man … Can you tell me a little bit about yourself. Where you are from? What is your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
  • Chief – I’m a Dreamer, loner, Super Dope, jokester all in one. I was born in Accra Ghana, I love business but I’m in school for communications. My professional interests are anything business or art related. Non professionally I love movies , mafia movies or any movies based on true stories are my favorite. I watch movies all the time  and I love doing things culturally that I haven’t  done in my life which is a lot of things I normally wouldn’t do, because I love experiencing new things which gives me inspiration down the line. There was this one time I went to a crazy ballet show with a lady friend of mine, It was really some high class shit lol I was just watching people, and its interesting to see the mixed crowd of people who were there and also looking at what people wear to such events etc that was really cool.

  • Tkoblogextreme – About your clothing brand, what does it represent?
  • Chief – It represents life, it’s a voice for the underdogs, those that grind and push for what they believe in and those who want to look top shelf while doing it. People wear what they associate with, BadHabits on the other hand is versatile and broad but niche at the same time which is what a lot of people like about it.

  • Tkoblogextreme– What does fashion mean to you?
  • Chief – Fashion  to me in terms of the brand is a way for me to express how I’m feeling, I wasn’t rasied to express my feelings vocally so I guess it translated into the clothes but as a whole, fashion is a way for me to express my personality which I feel is pretty unique. I get over things quickly lol and what appeals to me is usually very different than most but it works out at the end of the day because my style now is dark and low key. I’m not really the one for flash and that is evident in the BH pieces.
  • Tkoblogextreme – When did you realize you wanted to start up your own clothing brand?
  • Chief – Oct of 1st year (2009)

  • Tkoblogextreme– We cannot forget to mention the line of products that your clothing brand offers, What was the bright idea behind  the process for like the shirts and BH Chains?
  • Chief – The first season I mainly wanted to tell a story and the shirts were a visual to that story in different parts and each being really limited. The chains came about because at the time, a lot of people wore fake necklaces you buy from the jewelery stand in malls and I thought that was tacky and wack and a friend of mine was real creative with wood so I took the chance and it took off from there. The chains are titled “Be Real” meaning be real to yourself by wearing real wood instead of fake diamonds.
  • Tkoblogextreme – OK, so what brands in particular have stood out so far to you or your clients and why?
  • Chief – Aside from BadHabits Bape or Supreme for being able to take street/ skate wear to such a high level of prestige and other smaller brands that focus on certain products and don’t focus on  mass production or notoriety.

  • Tkoblogextreme – Have there been any ups and down since you launched your clothing brand back in 2009 And Who do you currently work with right now?
  • Chief – There are up and downs in any business especially a small one you finance yourself.  For the most part things have worked out  and people appreciate what I’m trying to do, and they like the top quality and unique designs so as long as they still buy BH everything’s good. I work with a small knit group that assist in growing the brand to bring among the greats in the future.
  • Tkoblogextreme – If you could summarize this whole journey and experience of having your own clothing brand in one word, what would that be?
  • Chief – I Cant really think of one word that describes it and that’s kind of ironic because what I was going to say is its harder than it looks. People think its such an easy process but it really isn’t. So one word wouldn’t do it justice. It’s a good experience though
  • Tkoblogextreme – Have you ever done anything extreme to reach to the point in where you are in life today?
  • Chief – My whole child/ teen years were filled with extreme experiences those years were pretty much the basis for BH and the inspiration

  • Tkoblogextreme – Name one Bad Habit that you will always regret?
  • Chief – none
  • Tkoblogextreme – What are you future goals?
  • Chief –  To sustain a respectable life off of BH
  • Tkoblogextreme – Any plans for the Spring/Summer?
  • Chief – Yup to continue the Dopeness!!! , start showing people the life style side of the brand
  • Tkoblogextreme BadHabits&Co has definitely set it’s name in the past year and  has left its mark what should we be expecting from it?
  • Chief – Continuing to stay true to its roots not be a brand that is altered by outside events or what is going on around them. We just stay in our bubble and do our thing and those who understand and vibe with it respect it and we respect them.

  • Tkoblogextreme – Well said Chief… is there any other info you’d like to share? Or is there any other things that you are working up at this moment in which we speak?
  • Chief – I appreciate everyones support.  Join BADHABITS CLOTHING on facebook feel free to email me at anytime for any questions. And check out
  • Tkoblogextreme – Oh and One more thing! What is any Random thing you can think of right now? Lol
  • Chief – Random thought running through my head right now , is the fact that I  got cock blocked one night over the weekend by a friend of mine !!!@! Lol nothing serious but still no love for cock blockers
  • Tkoblogextreme – Lol , thank you so much Chief for your time and insight..I know I’ll be looking forward to the new products and i’ll definitely be checking out to see what’s new and fresh!!!
  • Chief – Thanks Topé (@Tkodabossman) for the interview and for everyone who checks the blog , rememberTHEY’LL NEVER BELIEVE YOU’LL MAKE IT TILL YOU MADE IT” – Bad Habits