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MusicMonday | Rochelle Jordan.

Canadian songbird Rochelle Jordan releases new track, “How To Feel,” which brings back a 90s’ feel for voice and chord progression in todays R&B. Rochelle Jordan and her producer Klash will be releasing a full length ode’ to N.E.R.D. and Radiohead, titled ‘In Search Of… Radio’. This project is inspired by N.E.R.D.’s In Search Of… and Nothing, as well as Radiohead’s King of Limbs and Hail to The Thief.

DownloadRochelle Jordan – How To Feel


#MusicMonday | New Mixtape: NoMoreNoodles

Artist: Prince Akeem
Label: DeLorean Music Group presents Nomorenoodles


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#MusicMonday | New Mixtape: Protege

This mixtape features an original production with the exception of two songs that was hand-crafted and herbally fueled to bring you a smooth but gritty tour of the mind of Cayan (@CayanfromDC)

Features varies from EF’s own Blac and King Rich, as well as DMG’s Nike Nando, Studio43’s AB-The-Pro, and the lovely Sherieka Martin aka Noodles. While Production includes: SkyWest, Soulful, KingRich, RasNab, Ab the Pro, Grusle, Hassani Kwess, & yours truly ELITENATION (@DOpeYemi)

Download PROTEGE Here

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Tkoblog Exclusive: ONE on ONE Interview: w/ Sunny Norway

INTRO:  Just recently, Tkoblogextreme got in contact with Sunny Norway the Upcoming Producer from Chicago who resides in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. We couldn’t help but make use of this opportunity to talk with Sunny for this brief question and answer Interview session.

  • Tkoblogextreme:  Sup, Thank you for joining us today for this Q&A interview. Can you tell the viewers about yourself, where you are from, your educational background etc?
  • Sunny Norway: Im Sunny Norway. From chicago, iLLinoizee (Illinois). Sunny norway stands for staying visible thru out the darkness. Norway is the midnight sun which means you can still see the sun there at 12am. I would have put Sunny Chicago as my name but its rather corny and cliche. So I used norway because its north like my city, cold like my city, and cold like my beats you feel me? I graduated high school and did a yr in college at an art school called columbia of chicago.

  • Tkoblogextreme: How long have you been producing for, and when did you realize you were on getting realized for your work..?
  • Sunny Norway: I been producing for like 6 yrs now. I actually started off doing house music and juke music which is a fast pace music at about a tempo of 160 that Chicago ppl “footwork to”. But way before that I was in marching, symphonic, and concert band from 6th grade to my junior yr in high school playing percussion. I actually never put out anything like that. I’m a super perfectionist, and I know my music wasn’t ready so I didn’t just throw out stuff i’d soon regret. I just started getting recognized from the stuff i’ve done with rapper Phil Ade and also The GTW out of Chicago.

  • Tkoblogextreme: What was the key inspiration to start producing, and who inspires you the most either producer or just an artist?
  • Sunny Norway: MMmmmm my key inspiration is all in the vinyl. I sit around the crib and listen to records all day. I’m inspired by musicians like roy ayres, mike oldfield, and leroy hutson. Producer wise I like rza, eazy mo bee, dilla, RJD2, The Neptunes, No I.D. Really anyone who makes good feeling music.
  • Tkoblogextreme: Have there been any ups and down since you have been producing, if so can you give a message on how to remain positive on that?
  • Sunny Norway: Of course you know the whole parent thing with school. I had faith in my music so I jumped out on a limb and said fuck school it takes away from your creativity. No one can teach you how to make music. I was in school learning shit I already knew. Shit was super ass backwards yo. And plus they want you to know things word by word. Whats an echo, compressor, limiter. Fuck that! as long as I know how to use it, it shouldn’t be a problem. Feel me?
  • TkoblogextremeWhere do you see yourself 10 years from now as a producer?
  • Sunny Norway: 10 yrs from now I see myself in a really big castle maybe (house) lol and alot of kids and alot of classics. Also producing for the greatest pop, soul, alt, and hip hop artists.
  • Tkoblogextreme: Lastly, if you had one word to describe yourself what would that be?
  • Sunny Norway: Swagg (lol)
Thank you for this short session with TkoBlogxtreme, more works and work together would be done on a bigger scale, for we plan on keeping our followers and subscribers’ updated on your work and moves that deals with music. Follow Sunny @Sunny_Norway on twitter..

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New Mixtape: Frank Ocean | lonnyBREAUX

The lonny BREAUX Collection is a bunch of old and new records which include OG songs and Covers by the well known Frank Ocean ..
Its only right to BLESS y’all, after he hit 200+ download on his official link to Nostalgia, Ultra.

DOWNLOADFrank Ocean – The Lonny Breaux Collection

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2Face Idibia – MAN UNKIND

‘Man Unkind’ is a song about the production, distribution and consumption of fake drugs in Nigeria. Although 2face is an ambassador for the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in Nigeria. It makes much sense, to only use the POWER of music to touch on a few of the topics in the NATION of NIGERIA. Plus its election period back in Nigeria, so please if you are eligible make sure you make use of your POWER & VOTE.

New Mixtape: Machine Gun Kelly – Lace Up

It’s new to you, for I haven’t heard alot about this tape yet since it dropped since Nov 2010                                                 DL Here | (You wont dear skip a track..)

Follow MGK
Previous Mixtape: Machine Gun Kelly – 100 Words And Running

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New Mixtape: Truman Drive | Cayan X Young Carter X CJ X Shaq P..

This project is set to drop tomorrow but the good friend @CayanfromDC blessed US with a copy earlier today..
DL Here | Its WORTHY

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Prince Akeem @ ELC in D.C


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Al Rogers – Grim Knocking

Big Ups to the Homie Dre’ Mill via: MeetTheSapiens

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