Tkoblogextreme Interviews: ‘Miss Gawjuss’ an upcoming Model from Ottawa

It was just about a month ago that we discovered Miss Gawjuss and Upcoming Model from Ottawa, CA. We couldn’t help but ask for this opportunity to talk and discover what her main ambition and drive was. Tkoblogextreme was very fortunate to sit down with Miss Gawjuss for this brief question and answer session.

  • Tkoblogextreme: Hey Beautiful : ) , Thank you for joining us today for this one on one interview.  Can you tell us more about yourself? Where you are from, your educational background etc.
  • Miss Gawjuss: Hey there 🙂 Ya’ll can call me Miss Gawjuss 🙂 i’m from Nigeria. I went to elementary, middle and some of high school in Nigeria and then my family moved to Texas and I graduated from high school over there. I love to sing, love reading books, swim for fun, and I play volleyball and softball 😀
  • Tkoblogextreme: How long have you been modeling for? When did you realize you wanted to start modeling.
  • Miss Gawjuss: I’ve been modeling for 11months now. Well it was really random. Last year June, I called up a photographer and asked her to come shoot me for my birthday; I wanted to use the pictures for the birthday stuffs. But then we never did that shoot because I cancelled my birthday party. She called me up like a few days later saying she wants to shoot me, that I should submit my pictures to different agencies and see what comes out of it. She also said she and a couple of other people were thinking of starting an agency (that never happened though), and ever since then I’ve been modeling.
  • Tkoblogextreme: What inspired you to start modeling? And who inspires you the most?
  • Miss Gawjuss: My friend Tina Picard, she believed in me, she believed I could be something great in the modeling industry and I guess she made me give it a try. My dad is the person that inspires me the most.
  • Tkoblogextreme: What does fashion mean to you?
  • Miss Gawjuss:  A way of expressing what’s really inside of me.
  • Tkoblogextreme: Have there been any ups and down since you have been modeling?
  • Miss Gawjuss: Well there has. Like the fact that I’m only 5’8.3 and these days in the modeling industry, you meet girls that are only 16 and are 5’11 and all, but I’ve been doing so well so far and I’m really grateful to God. There’s always competition, and I seem to be fairing well so far 🙂
  • Tkoblogextreme: Tell us about your first photo shoot. Were you nervous? 😀
  • Miss Gawjuss: Haha my first photoshoot..hmmn.. It was with my awesome friend Tina Picard. She’s an amazing photographer, and a sweetheart. I wasn’t really nervous, the only thing was that I kept saying to myself what if I the pictures come out weird and all, but at the end of the day the pictures came out pretty good.
  • Tkoblogextreme: I know most models travel but have you modeled anywhere else?
  • Miss Gawjuss: No I haven’t modeled anywhere else, not yet at least. In September, we looking at montreal fashion week, then maybe New York fashion week. A designer from Ottawa Fashion week had asked me if I would do his show in NY if he showcases his work. And in May I would be meeting with agencies from different areas: NY, Paris, Milan, Toronto, and Montreal etc.
  • Tkoblogextreme: What is the most interesting place you have traveled to so far? And name one extreme thing you’ve done 😀
  • Miss Gawjuss: France.omg I loveeddddd 🙂 France..had soo much fun there..even though i was there just once and I was much younger.. Lol extreme thing I’ve done..hmm telling my mum I wanna shave my head. Lool.
  • Tkoblogextreme: Lol Awesome! I’m pretty sure you have participated in a couple of Fashion shows throughout Canada? Did you like it and how was that experience?
  • Miss Gawjuss: Well not all over Canada just yet :), because of my schoolwork and all, but I’ve done a lot of shows, and i loved them. I love the experience. It’s so much fun, even though it takes long days and sometimes nights to get everything ready. But modeling is something I enjoy doing, and the runway shows, oh gawsh amazing. I love walking the runways, strutting my stuff lool, but yeah it has been an amazing experience so far. 🙂
  • Tkoblogextreme: Do you watch America ’s next top model? Who is your favorite judge and why?
  • Miss Gawjuss: Yes I do, love that show. André Leon Talley (a well-respected vogue editor). Oh i don’t know really, i just love the way he is. Haha my best word from him “drekitude” oh that just does it for me.
  • Tkoblogextreme: Speaking of next top model… you recently won Carleton’s next top model which was huge, How did you feel about that?
  • Miss Gawjuss: It was amazing to be Carleton’s next top model. I never wanted to even compete, but my RA (Residence Assistant), and my close friend Shiko made me, and I’m glad I did. Now I go out and people are like you’re the girl that won Carleton’s next top model ey and I’m like yeah I’m the one… feels good 🙂
  • Tkoblogextreme: Nice! 🙂 Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  • Miss Gawjuss:  10 years from now..hmm I’m not one to make long term plans, but I hope that I’m a top model by then, one that has walked runways in different countries/continents. Hopefully I’ll be done with medical school, and altogether I would be doing something I really love.
  • Tkoblogextreme: If you had one word to describe yourself what would that be?
  • Miss Gawjuss: Weird. That’s the word. My friends always tell me that. I’m not really sure why, but I know that some things I do, and sometimes the way I act, you would have to wonder if I’m normal lol.
  • Tkoblogextreme: Is there any special man in your life?
  • Miss Gawjuss: My dad. He’s the special man in my life :).
  • Tkoblogextreme: Great! Thanks for the interview and all the best in modeling. Any final words for the readers?
  • Miss Gawjuss: My final words would be, if you want something, go for it. People are going to make snide comments about you or that thing you’re passionate about, but as long as you feel right doing it, and you also love it, I say keep doing it. The sky is your limit 🙂 oh and I’m 18 in 2weeks 😀

Tkoblogextreme wishes you Success and Happy Birthday in advance Miss Gawjuss 😀

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