Lil Wayne Attends Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls Game with new Girlfriend

Lil Wayne and Girlfriend
Lil Wayne paraded his new girl around Miami Beach on Tuesday (May 24). But it seems to be more than a crush. Weezy was seen courtside with his new woman at the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls game later in the day. The New Orleans MC, dressed in camo shorts, BBC hoodie and tee, and Lakers cap, sat with his arm around his special lady with Drake seated beside them.

While Wayne had his eyes on his date, Drizzy devoted all his attention to the game. The scruffy star sent his close friend LeBron James a text before the NBA playoff game saying, “Tonight is your night.” It seemed to help. The Heat defeated the Bulls 101-93 to take a 3-1 series lead.

Lil Wayne, Drake, and Girlfriend Drake

(Via) Rap-up


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  1. Uhhh Ugly Bitch He needs to get with michelle vasquez

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