Happy 1st Birthday Tkoblogextreme !!!

First and foremost i would like to thank God for bringing us this far, and secondly i would like to thank all the loyal fans that have stayed true to the blog since day one. Around this time last year,  i had alot going on in my life and i just needed something to take me away from all the stress that i had. Ive always had a passion for music for a while now and im really glad i channeled it into blogging. I actually got my Inspiration from “The Hood Nerd” and i’m really glad how far i have come with the site and you fans most especially without yall i couldnt have made this possible. The journey has been a bit rocky with the views we get on this site but i know with time it will get better. I am very humbled with the growth of this site and i will continue to do whatever it takes to keep y’all posted up to date. This has definitely been a great experience for me because i have learned new things and at the same time gained a wide range of  daily bloggers, friends, and network which is by far the biggest achievement for me this year. Anyways i would like to thank y’all once again for supporting this site. For those who commented daily, shared links on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites much love to y’all. I encourage y’all to Continue to read my posts everyday, leave your thoughts & comments, and  also tell your friends to tell their friends about this site. Thank you!

1. Top Commenter’s

This is a list of the top 10 most consistent commenter’s (according to analytics):

keisha, kimiora, dopeyemi, Erin, DJ E-COOL, montez, seun, Adam Kurniawan, oluwafemi1984, olekee

Even if you left 1 comment here you are much appreciated! It helped the blog grow!

2. Twitter Supporters

Here is a list of the top 10 most consistent Retweeter’s of our posts (they retweet just about everything)! Again everyone is appreciated even if you’re not on this list.

@DJECOOL , @DopeYemi , @_kjay_ , @_ARob , @SneedLaw , @Jamzisfly , @Brittnei_Lauren , @ChiefSweiz , @miss_funmi , @bumsha

3. Blogs / Bloggers

These are either bloggers I know or draw inspiration from, everyone is much appreciated…

The Hood Nerd, Rap Radar , Nah Right, Your Music My World, Rudeboyy,  Lavish Lane, RealMangoJuice, Nicekicks, Hype Beast,  Highsnobiety, The Loop formerly know as (FameusWorld & Co), Life of the Jetsetter, Bad Habits ,  Gidilounge and many more…

4. Contributors

Here’s a few of the people who helped me along the way. Much appreciated!

DJECOOL, DopeYemi, Jamila, TheHoodNerd, KorrectNation

Random Shouts

Real people:

@HULEBossLady , @PlaybackGenius , @SimpaSb , @Ms_Nifar, @BadHabitsco , @Cashtro  , @_Rebelle_Fleur_ , @Zinnilacious ,  @Da_Grn_Eyed_Kid , @AceBergSlim , @Born2shine4eva , @Ms_ohgee , @MizPhotogenikk , @Switdrimzzzz , @Evangrisel , @Sweettnesss , @ShayoMaster10 , @Naijaura , @SunshineLacroix , @iamOLA , @Vestitobene , @Cutsfades , @KattO_o , @Glamourous69 , @MsGab, @Mizzezlola , @BreanneNekoda , @nitaPOP , @DylanWestie , @LT_Versatile , @TheGHOSTevent , @SourPatchSw33t , @JeFF_cheF_meFF , @Zorbwoi , @JhunM , @Wasted_Boyz , @Airjose , @PRETTiSHELLi , @DABADDESTBJR22 , @xoMissTay , @SINFULLYSINCERE , @Dime_Slayer ,  @PrinceAkeem301 , @AbsolutGrammy , @NikeNando , @PatisDope , @Ashleylrulan  @CHIOMA_ ,  … For y’all who didnt get a shoutout big ups to you too.

In Conclusion

Thanks again!


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  1. Thanks for this post. Glad to know I was able to participate contribute to this site. One good turn deserves another! .. Kudos yo.. Big ups and more grace to ur hard work.

  2. Thanks for dis hun.I ♥ this site. And you are doing a great job

  3. This is just the beginning. This is gonna go places!

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